Black Sheep Boy: Scott (1967), Scott 2 (1968)

[A version of this text appeared in No Regrets: Writings on Scott Walker, edited by Rob Young, London: The Wire, 2012] Black Sheep Boy Nina Power Scott (1967) Scott 2 (1968) What is the opposite of love? Cowardice? Loneliness? Hate? Should music ‘about’ love and its opposite (whatever that is) be lush, excessive, all-consuming, or shouldContinue reading “Black Sheep Boy: Scott (1967), Scott 2 (1968)”

I had originally decided not to respond to the bafflingly stupid and anonymous ‘Open Letter’ following the youtube stream I participated in with Justin Murphy and DC Miller on 28th Feb (which you can watch here if you want to see 1hr 30 of three people sitting in my office late at night drinking coffeeContinue reading