July 1st: Diaries 1991-2000




Time: 10.45pm (Bad Girl!)

A pinch and a punch for the first of the month

Went to London on a coach with the rest of my year to the Natural History Museum. Sat with B on the coach. We were really really colse close. I think the museum is truly exalant. It’s Brilliant. L was so tight to V K. I mean they’re supposed to be best friends! L didn’t go with her at all and didn’t talk to her. Instead she went with S G. Saw J but didn’t say one word to him. We’ve got such a queer relationship. Okay, if her truly doesn’t like me why does he flirt so much with me sometimes?!





Time: 10.45pm

I’m really tired so I won’t rite much. Today’s been pretty bad in places I’ve either felt ill or upset basically. Phoned M and basically I got upset about something. Mother went really mental as I was on the phone too long. It was actually pretty scary.



Time: 12.20pm

Last day of work experience. Was quite good. I’m absolutely knackered. Went over O’s tonight after band for a bit. About all.


Going to see M tomorrow at this Trinity concert!


Time: 12.45pm

College today was okay – very tiring. The country’s in such a MESS – all the government + everything. We haven’t even really got a leader.

O’s staying over – not in my bed unfortunately.



Time: 10.45pm

Today okay. Have decided to become (well, formally anyway) a feminist – It goes beyond just wanting equal rights for women, really.

Must read more Germaine Greer (some would be a good start).

Really really looking forward to University. Perhaps it’s just the change I’m looking for.



Time: 11.20pm

At O’s last night after watching ‘Private Parts’ at the cinema – fairly funny.

Spent lovely morning with O, lovely afternoon with myself + lovely evening with E.

I like these holidays!

Oh – but I have to work tomorrow. Ah well!

Swings and Roundabouts or something.

Love my music collection though – it’s now huge!

Party at N’s tomorrow too!



Time: 12.15pm

Didn’t do a lot today – played piano/oboe + guitar for a bit (though not all at once obviously – that would be stupid). Wrote to N, missed N, desired to see N.

Still no job – but hey I’m looking tomorrow.

Mmmee mmee. Stuff.




[No entry]


En France! It’s really nice. The house is lovely; I have a bed after my long day travelling. The Eurostar was great though. Said au revoir to N and parents this morning. Very tired. Guy + Odile are lovely.