Project Amity/Animosity

Are we friends? Were we friends? Could we be friends?

Or do we not like each other, feel conflicted or actively despise one another?

Or do we simply not know each other?

Project Amity/Animosity is interested in what friendship means today. Friendship often falls by the wayside as work and relationships take over … and it has been too long, our emails pile up and we let it go. Or we’ve fallen out, or hear something bad about someone, or just can’t be bothered anymore.

Friendship is both too near and too far, meaningful but uncertain. What, if anything, do we owe each other? What is friendship for? What do we have to talk about?

Project Amity/Animosity is an experiment in being-together, of speaking honestly. Anyone can participate: it does not matter if we do not yet know each other.

The Structure of the Project

– We meet one-on-one in person, usually in London, though could be elsewhere in the UK, and possibly some other cities in the near future. I can travel to where you are, though I am generally around SE and Central London. Children and pets are welcome to come along. I propose meeting in parks, coffee shops (I can buy drinks other than alcohol, but you are free to drink).

– We can discuss anything, you, me, our friendship, our lack of friendship, anything you’re thinking about. No subjects are off the table.

– The meeting is not recorded, except in our hearts, the original recording device (from ‘cor’ heart). I will write up a text in 2019 about the experiment, but no details of who I met will be included.

– The project runs intermittently until Dec 2019.

– Contact ninapower@gmail to arrange a meeting.