New Work

Miro-esque in Burgess Park, Summer 2020

I have a new book coming out in January 2022 with Penguin called What Do Men Want? which examines the discussion about (and by) men in recent years. It’s an attempt, among other things, to understand both male resentment and female anger `(and vice versa).

I’ve set up a Substack, which reminds me of some of the more exciting aspects of the blog-era (which, for me, at least was 2004-2011).

I’ve joined a weekly podcast with filmmaker Helen Rollins and political theorist Benjamin Studebaker called ‘The Lack’. You can subscribe to that here.

Other recent things include a discussion on men for The Stoa, a Manifesto for an International University, organised by Jason Barker for Kyung Hee University (they have an excellent website here). I’ve written some more piece for The Telegraph [paywall], and I’m speaking at a free, public event on dance this weekend.

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