July 2nd: Diaries 1991-2000




Time: 10.00pm

What a pisser. I came on tonight and I’ve got Sports Day tomorrow. It’s not fair. J + me were flirting with each other all day. He kept putting his hand up my skirt,* typical! I found out that PW fancies me + he dumped J today. BF asked me out and I said no, sorry. Amazing hey!?! I’ve also got my grade 4 piano exam tomorrow, Me + B have been really well close, Nina

*don’t worry, I didn’t let him!


Time: 11.20pm

Today’s been good, It was sports day today and H9 won! I came 3 out of 4 in long jump (wow!) and help win the 4×100 relay. It was good. Been close to V today. Saw M tonight at band and we’re all having a sleepover at his house tomorrow for Sarah’s 18th B’Day Party! Nina


Time: 12.15pm

Just got back from a Trinity End of term at St. John’s in Smith’s square. It was brilliant!

I can’t wait until September Nina


Time: 12.15pm

I must be really stressed out – on edge or something. I can’t believe I used to cut my arms – it’s really weird. Why didn’t I listen to music a bit more – how could I have been that desperate? Am I desperate? Am I ill?

Is it me or is it the rest of this fucked-up lying hypocritical world? Do I sound bitter? I don’t know. I feel don’t feel unhappy.

Maybe there’s always something wrong.

Please won’t someone tell me why.


Was Jonathon right

I just want to know

I don’t understand what the point of all this is


“Bloody hell, brat, life might be a deathmarch, but do you have to make it so obvious?” (Keri Hulme – The Bone People)

Wow – what an amazing book. I wish I wish I wish I wish I had more time for reading + writing.

School today mostly dull – bit behind but it is rather uninspiring.

(that’s not an excuse by the way)



Time: 11.55pm

Feel physically + mentally a bit shit. Probably that 10 hours work business + that PMT business (I does exist – I know so)

O’s here – thank God.

Feel bad about Dad he’s being really shitty with me lately.



Time: 11.30pm

Didn’t do a lot today – working at the cream factory tomorrow –

Urk…still it’s a job…

Countermine were on Radio 1 tonight – cool, huh?

Miss N terrible, constantly.

Been over a week since I saw him. Not ql.




[no entry]


Well…It’s really hard. Woke up with ‘the fear’, knowing that I had to speak French all day…hard, so hard. But okay, I’m getting somewhere and it’s only been a day. Food is great; maybe too much meat though.

Met some of A-L’s friends – difficult to talk to. Dinner chez Manu – okay – I was v. quiet for most it…makes a change!


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