July 3: Diaries 1991-2000




Time: 11.15pm

Today’s been TOTALLY + ABSOLUTELY QUEER. It’s just been really wet + windy and just about everyone has been really bitchy and everyone had a mass fight (me, S, L, T, etc.) It’s a bit complicated really.

I had a go at C this morning because I hate the way she’s changed and after we made up and she thanked me for it! Strange. The weather really changes people. Sports Day was cancelled (due to weather).

I did my piano exam and well messed it up! I don’t particularly care! My period is really heavy today it’s sick. I tried using a tampon but I couldn’t. I hate it. It’s not fair. Men don’t have this hassle do they? No. They may have wet dreams but at least they enjoy them when they’re happening.

See ya,



[no entry]


Well, Today’s been so hot. It’s not sunny, just ‘muggy’ (I hate that word) had a 4½ hour rehearsal with West Wilts today in preparation for playing at the QEHall on Wednesday.

How tiring that was.

Back to school tomorrow…groan.



Time: 12.08pm

Staying over at O’s at the moment. It’s been very nice.

Did nothing for the rest of the day – also very nice.

Going to Bath tomorrow.




Time: 10.50pm

School today dull dull dull. It’s like everyone’s given up or omaething – including the teachers.

“A boy with a gun feels like a man.

A man with a gun acts like a fool.”

Man, I hope it never gets as bad here as it is in America.

I hate guns. I hate the fact that people can kill other people just like that.

No one should die at the hands of someone else.



Time: 11.05pm

Feel a little bit better than last night – sorted things out with Dad which was relieving.

Did not a lot today – shopping, cooking, taking D + O to M’s.

Going to O’s tomorrow which will be lovely! (I already know this).

Holiday rushing swiftly on let me tell you.



Time: 11.55pm

Worked today 4 9 hours – v. hard standing up all that time. Feel a little bit down,

Miss N like nothing else, Desperately desire to see him.

Went t’up pub this evening w/ VK, C etc – okay.

Just not excessively in ‘the mood’ as they say. I don’t know – just tired I guess.



Time: 12.05pm

Back home – kinda nice – good lighting, nice food. Mum + Dad are really lovely.

Been very tired all day but I guess that’s what you get if you stay up until 7am drinking + &c. with postgrads – hmm. Stuff to sort out – Manyana!



Today pretty good. Got up a bit late but it’s fine. I have got work tomorrow though…a bit nervous but hopefully it will be okay. Went to Orleans with A-L + bought some little things. Got on really well with her which is cool. Saw F again – it was great. His English is amazing.

Miss N a bit…hope he’s alright.



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