July 10th: Diaries 1991-2000


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Time: 12.30pm

Don’t ask me why I wrote that yesterday. Today’s been alright, I’ve been well tired though! Shakespeare was really good tonight. MW was being really nice to me and helping me with my homework not that I needed any help! B’s really pleased. G is being really nice to her + she’s chuffed with a capital C. Oh yes, today’s been a bit bad in places too. Right let me start. J jokingly ask me if he could finger me ages ago for a laugh and somehow the whole year knows. I don’t know who spread it round but everyone was blaming me. That upset me, but J said he knew it wasn’t me and all this so I’ll live! (it wasn’t me who spread it) Nx


Time: 10.05pm

I don’t want to go to Berlin tomorrow. Sure I’ll have a great time but I’ll miss M so much [random scribble]


Time: 11.00pm

I don’t really know why I bother writing this diary. I never write what I really think/feel and it doesn’t really record things well. I’m probably just too worried that someone’ll read it.

Had lunch with Nana & Poppa today. I can’t stand seeing Poppa not really being in control of his own actions. It is so upsetting. M came over today.

Went to see 4 weddings & a funeral tonight with M, D&D. It was really good and got me thinking.



[no entry]


Time: 12.05pm

By all accounts today has been one of the shittiest I have ever seen.

Just a total nightmare – this whole thing with [] and [] and me and [] and me and [].

Just fucks with my head.

I’m working on myself.

Shakespeare Live tonight was good.



Time: 2.10am

Went to Cardiff today with D and Dad – nice place and everything. O’s here now after playing Trivial Pursuit all night.

Better go!



Time: 12.50pm

N’s here! Ray! Went to Shakespeare Live tonight w/ M + Dad – Comedy of errors – pretty good. It’s lovely to be with N…

Mmm. Life is okay.



Time: 11.45pm

On the phone a lot today – to C, F, N. Kinda cool – still find it strange why quite so many of my friends are blokes though.

Tried to sort the huge pile of crap that I [some] how possess.

Should get rid of some stuff – ideally! Went to Chippenham with Ma today for a bit – and bought some envelopes – hurrah!

Hmm – so hot today – gives me a headache. And the wine.



Went to Tours today with O and A-L to look for an apartment + to register for A-L’s course. I also visited some bookshops (of course!) Bit tired all day and work starts tomorrow. Still, read a bit + wrote to N and J.

Feel a bit isolated + ever so slightly on the edge of being bored which is quite bad.

I guess it’s because I don’t have access to ‘company# (non-French that is!) or to drink. Still too reflective – I thin about J a lot which is really strange because nothing ever really happened (well…) and it was ages ago and…he’s married and gone for good.

Also been thinking too much about the unnameable evil one which is terrible but I hope he’ll be suitably torn apart in this life or have some miraculous spiritual turn and spend twenty years apologising for his existence. Sadly, I don’t think either of these two scenarios are likely…Ah well. Life is good.


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