‘Once You Start Listening You Can’t Stop Hearing It’

[Piece for The Wire’s issue 352 on ‘Words and Music’, June 2013]. Nina Power Once you start listening you can’t stop hearing it. The voice – female, or female-sounding at least, pre-recorded ‘real’ voices or mechanised tones, or, often, a weird cut-up mixture of both, dominates the sonic landscape. From the supermarket checkout machines withContinue reading “‘Once You Start Listening You Can’t Stop Hearing It’”

Soft Coercion, the City and the Recorded Female Voice

[A version of this text was published in The Acoustic City, edited by Matthew Gandy and BJ Nilsen, JOVIS Publishers, 2014) Four questions to begin with: What is the pitch of the neoliberal city? How does the pitch of the city construct images of and for the humanity that travels through it? How does gender relate to controlContinue reading “Soft Coercion, the City and the Recorded Female Voice”

Towards a Feminism of the Void

  In October 2015, Audrey Wollen posted a picture on Instagram with the message ‘a PSA brought to u by ur local chapter of Female Nothingness’. The picture comprises a black and white composite image with the words BEWARE MALE ARTISTS MAKING ARTWORK ABOUT EMPTINESS/NOTHING DOES NOT BELONG TO YOU/GIRLS OWN THE VOID/BACK OFF FUCKERS!!!!Continue reading “Towards a Feminism of the Void”


with Geoffrey Nowell-Smith and Nina Power [Note: this dialogue took place in 2012-13. It was due to be published by a film magazine, but fell through for reasons beyond the control of the authors. Thank you to Geoffrey Nowell-Smith for permission to publish it here in 2017] Geoffrey Nowell-Smith: Pasolini has often been described as aContinue reading “SUBVERSIVE PASOLINI: LA RICOTTA AND THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO MATTHEW—A DISCUSSION”

‘The Purloined Gender’: Piece for E.R.O.S. (2013)

[This is a slightly edited version of a text that appeared in Volume 3 of E.R.O.S. Journal in 2013] ‘The Purloined Gender’ ‘The problem, simply stated, is that one must believe in the existence of the person in order to recognize the authenticity of her suffering. Neither men nor women believe in the existence ofContinue reading “‘The Purloined Gender’: Piece for E.R.O.S. (2013)”