July 5th, Diaries 1991-2000


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Time: 12.00pm

Today’s been spent doing homework, going to Shakespeare practise + reading ‘Silence of the Lambs’ by Thomas Harris. Had our dress rehearsal this evening that’s why I’m writing this (now!) and it’ll finish about 11.30pm every night this week! Scheesh! It was good tonight. M was actually being (almost) nice! And everyone got on well. I think ‘A Midsummer Night Dream; will be good!

See ya,



Time: 9.40pm

I wish I could spend all my life with M. Just to get away from constant hassle work etc. and spend time with the one person I truly care about. It sounds crazy, I bet. It’s exactly what I feel. CRAZY. Nothing ever goes perfect. I wish it would. Wondering what I’m on about? I bet. Ok, on Saturday night Me & M had sex. It was more making love as it was caring & loving. I’m not ashamed at all. Unfortunately BB took it upon herself to tell D that I wasn’t a virgin for some reason. He doesn’t believe her (I hope) but why did she tell him? Is she jelous? I wonder, Shows what friends can do for you. Nothing’s ever right At least with M it’s as right as I want it.


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Time: 12pm

Today’s been quite good – walked to O’s + met his friend DC who was quite nice. Drove around for a bit too fast which was fun.

Err..that’s about it.

Bit tired actually



Time: 11.35pm

School today slightly better than average – perhaps a ‘7’ on the scale of mediocrity


What fun.

Love playing geetar at the moment.



GRRRL! p.s. Reading ‘The Female Eunuch’ at the moment – how little has changed


Time: 12.35pm

At O’s – happy but v. tired. Short college today; last lesson not bad.




Time: Midnight!

Saw Nana + Poppa today in Brissle – okay – visited big mall thing – stuff.

I so desire (to see) N. NOW….


Saw VK + Simone 4 a while tonight – really nice.

Work tomorrow – Grrr.

Money I s’pose.




Time: 11.40pm

Today okay – went to Bath – bought a new needle for my record player! Vital definitely.

Then, er, listened to records, tried not to get lonely + stuff. Did speak to N tonight for a bit – he’s fucking clever + he knows it. He also knows that I’m still in love with him – but O think he feels the same way to a certain extent…

Made some Brownies (!) How homely. Not sure I really like this impulse – real well, maybe a little bit. Wish it didn’t feel so politically loaded.

Reading ‘Gullivers travels’ – it’s really good! Must read more!

Finding it hard to get work anyway…



Work today really hard – the language, the computer (grrr), the manageress-type person….I’m so much worse at French when I’m tired. (ie le matin + la nuit!). C at work is great though. A-L got her ‘Bac’ today so we all went for pizza. Kept having visions of falling with my face in my dinner through fatigue. Bad dreams last night. Abbatoirs + stuff. C’est mauvais. Food + sleep are amazing


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