July 6th: Diaries 1991-2000


[no entry]


Time: 12.25pm (too late) sort of

Today’s been okay. Can’t write much today or rest of week as have got Shakespeare at Hazlebury Manor and as you see it finishes late. It was really good and the audience loved (or seemed to!) it. Loads of teachers from my School were there too! M was being nice to me (yaheah!)


p.s. Close to B all day!


Time 10.00pm

Today’s been okay. Not much happened at all.

Been close to VK at school. Phoned up BB and sorted things out



Time: 10.15pm

I was too pissed off to write yesterday.

Went to the finals of the National Festival of Music for Youth with orchestra today (therefore missing school). Played in the QEH. It was quite good (but we didn’t win!). Played KOL NEI DREI (whatever) and Miss Saigon. There was loads of hanging around though so it was a bit tedious.

School again tomorrow,



[No entry. A recital list for Dauntsey’s School Summer Concert is glued to the page]


Time: 12.55pm

At O’s after a party at DC’s – alright. Some people a bit of a ‘mare.

Bought ‘Underworld’ CD today – absolutely brill.

College today okay.

Interesting debate with Simon on train.

Feeling happy.



Time: 12.50pm

O’s here! Had a really nice night playing Trivial Pursuits w/ O + B in the garden. O’s Gran’s party this afternoon okay. Pretty hot day. Cooked a roast tonight – went really well




Time: 1.10am

Bah – work today – really horrible. Grrr.

Bit of a bad mood really…various reasons…N’s talking about going on antidepressants – does everyone I know have to do this? It upsets me a lot. I miss him.

Sigh. I don’t know.



Time: 11.30pm

Read a lot today – horrah!

Sun was a bit hot though.

Went shopping with Ma – hurrah!

Amazing what nice food does for one’s spirits (+ spirits too!) or at least Martini + vermouth.

F rang tonight – kinda cool. Dunno what he thinks of me though…maybe I’m a bit odd…

Spoke to S too – I should go + stay with her at some point.

Hmm – still no luck finding a job. Grrr.

But I’m so capable! Possibly…

Anyway – I’m trying not to miss company too much. I do a bit to be honest but no one ever said it was really cool to be alone all the time. Possibly…

And anyway – I have Ma and Pa + D (when he’s around). His girlfriend B is sweet too.

Like I NEED anyone! Pah! I just get BORED!



Less tired today despite really ragged sleep and ravaging nightmares. Work okay – tidied up the place a bit. Big storm outside at the moment – please let me sleep. I think I’m getting used to the routine (despite forgetting to set my alarm clock). Work is like a narcotic in a way – I remember this from the cream factory + that was really shitty. Wrote some letters – I’m glad I’m not drinking.


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