July 7th: Diaries 1991-2000


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Time: 12.00pm!

Today’s been okay. J was being quite nice to me, but not over special. Went over B’s after school. That was good. Shakespeare was really good too. Everyone gets on well + there is a nice atmosphere. L won’t stop moaning about how she has to be with little kids all the time but she likes it really, you can tell, ‘cos they all give her loads of attention ‘cos she’s older! I really like SW. At first I didn’t like her as she sorta seemed like she would take the piss out of you, but she’s nice when you get to know her. Just finished reading ‘The Silence of the Lambs’ by Thomas Harris (and leant it to S). It was really good + a bit scary.

See ya!



Time: 11.50pm

School today was a bit bad really. Not terrible but a bit awful. This evening went to see the Merchant of Venice at Hazelbury Manor with the D’s and OS. It was a good play but I really cannot stand mum & dad. I love them sure I do but they are just such snobs. Everything they say is just so pointless & their dopey posh voice is just so pathetic.

Never mind.

Tired to ring M tonight but he wasn’t back from the beach. Try tomorrow.



Time: 10.50pm

Well, today’s been okay. Felt totally despairing and unhappy earlier on but I feel okay now. School was okay too.


p.s. Had my hair cut quite short!


Time: 10.55pm

Stayed at O’s last night with C. Feel very confused today and very guilty – why do I always get so carried away? I mustn’t have any self-esteem at all.

I feel terrible about it all. D is coming over tomorrow morning so I’ll just see.



Time: 11.20pm

Today okay – had boring band rehearsal from 1-3.30 and did nothing for the rest of the day.

Feel a bit ill at the moment – I hope I’m not getting ill.

Far canal!



Time: 12pm

O’s here again! Lovely as always. Went to Bath this morning. Bought Boys vs Girls (oopps!) Girls vs. Boys album which is ACE.

Other than that – not much played P.C. at O’s house + went to 2 Pigs tonight with S, A, B + B – the first two unhappy cos of splitting up w? C + J (respectively).

Oh well!



Time: 12.40pm

Didn’t do a lot today – hurrah! I demand to see N however for he is great.

PM is really ill with leukemia which is really harsh. I really hope he’s okay. Went round VK’s this evening for a chat – really nice.

N N N N x



Time: 11.30pm

Made Tabbouleh (whatever!) today for Shakespeare Live tonight. Which was okay – The Tempest. Went with R & L which was cool.

Kinda want my results really + it’d be cool if C rang or something. But hey, grrrrrr.

Should really get a job soon.



Today okay – work gets a bit boring because I don’t have much to do – my French gets a bit better for the same reason, I think.

Work tomorrow – a Saturday of all things – madness!

Cool conversation with O tonight about subtleties + things. N rang too which was great. Must sleep better though.


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