July 8th: Diaries 1991-2000


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Time: 12.00pm

Hiya, today’s been a bit sad really. SG has been really chummy with B and it’s getting me down. I mean they used to be best friends. Oh, I hate myself for being jelous. My moods change so quickly, it’s queer. J has been winding me up all day. He knows he’s doing it. It really upsets me. I wish he’d stop. Been close to C + V today. They are really special friends. Shakespeare tonight was okay! Again saw lots of people. There were 800 people in the audience!

See ya



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Time: 12.25pm

Talked to D this morning – the truth is I think I feel a great deal for him. I know I do. I don’t know why or what for but I do. He said he’d wait 3 years for me when he goes off to University.

College today was okay – I like it a lot.

Saw O tonight and got very scared. It might have been a panic attack.


I am unsure about things at the moment – I love O and I feel a lot for D. How strange that is.


Time: 10.45pm

I want to believe.

The truth is out there.

Blimey – bloody brainwashed. Paranoid.

Impure. Is nothing sacred?

Innocence is commonly referred to as ignorance.

Patriotic rhymes with neurotic



There’s no end

except for one.



Time: 11.55pm

Went to see ‘Richard III’ tonight at Hazlebury with family, O and RD.

Fun indeed – also met S there which was really nice.

Other than that – shopping – felt a bit shit earlier but feel better now!

Work tomorrow – urk!



Time: 12.30pm

Tidied room today – the days seem a little short – perhaps I should get up earlier…

N should be coming down to visit on Friday!

Yay! Should do stuff tomorrow….



Time: 12.50pm

Hot my results today – more ways than one:

71 – Recent Continental Philosophy

70 – Euro novel

67 – Aesthetics

65 – HMP

Not bad huh? Oh – and negative.

Hmm. Got research work for next week for Wilts Wildlife Trust – went on one of their walks this evening with Ma + Pa – pretty nice. It’s been very hot today. Spoke to N – he appears to be ostracising himself from everyone. Which is weird. Spoke to C + M too – they’re both lovely.

Work to do!



Work better today  – apart from unfortunate car/carté misunderstanding! Weird flashback thoughts all the time about people at university – J, J…it’s like some bizarre processing, like the dreams. It’s so affecting.

But I feel better – apart from bloodloss affair – it’s not drinking all the time I think, and being on my own. I love being alone sometimes, to read, to think about things.

Really tired. No work tomorrow – a good thing.



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