Election 2019 Eve

[This text was written the night of 11th December 2019] Mood in advance of tomorrow – judgement in Alfie’s case expected, general election, forecast rain – dystopian, fatalistic, thinking about Edmund Burke, Margaret Thatcher, the English countryside I grew up in, the conservatism of the country, its separations and splits, its fractures and perennial class […]

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Who is the Public of ‘Public Order’? Sovereignty, Citizenship and the Commons

[Note: this is the Dissertation I wrote for my Birkbeck LLB, which concluded in 2016. It touches on matters of the definition of, and political and policing implications of the term ‘public’ as it appears in Public Order law in England & Wales. In the background are the experiences I personally had campaigning with Defend […]

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Project Amity/Animosity

Project Amity/Animosity Are we friends? Were we friends? Could we be friends? Or do we not like each other, feel conflicted or actively despise one another? Or do we simply not know each other? Project Amity/Animosity is interested in what friendship means today. Friendship often falls by the wayside as work and relationships take over […]

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