new year, new work, new teaching


A variety of new things: a discussion with the very interesting Alex Kaschuta entitled ‘Men & Women at the End of History’.

A discussion with the lovely Deacon Jon for the Gnostic Wisdom Network entitled ‘Pagan Love, Nature, & Authentic Life in the Black Iron Prison’.

A discussion with Lev Parker, Editor of Morbid Books, for Safety Propaganda.

And before all of those, a discussion in Ljubljana with Mladen Dolar and Gregor Moder entitled ‘Mark Fisher and Our Contemporary Moment: Is There Still No Alternative?’


I was the narrator for Graham Davis’s ‘A Late Lunch Christmas Carol’, performed by the AMM All Stars.

I also spoke with Oriana Fox about my book on men (out in February) here (Spotify link here).

‘The Lack’, a weekly podcast with Helen Rollins and Benjamin Studebaker can be found here. It’s going marvellously. There are some videos of our chats here, if you want to see what we look like (all unbelievably beautiful, frankly).


A short text ‘Against Institutionalisation’ for New Alphabet’s School’s ‘Instituting’ Issue.

Another piece for Savage Minds on the current political and ideological situation, ‘The Intractable Present: Making Sense of the Chaos’.

My Substack, periodically updated, is here.


If I can get make it out of the UK, I’ll be the resident ‘artist’/theorist at (The) Co-Incidence Festival in Somerville MA between Jan 2-8th 2022. Information here.

I’m giving an online talk at the School of Materialist Research on January 18th at 5.30pm UK time (18.30 CET) on ‘Gnosticism and Materialism’.

I’m teaching a course on the Philosophy of Beauty (in person, in London) for the Mary Ward Centre on Mondays, 1-3pm, Jan 17th-April 4th. Details here (anyone with some background in Philosophy can apply, low-cost/discounts).

I’m also teaching again for the excellent Melbourne School of Continental Philosophy on ‘The Philosophy of Gnosticism’ (scroll down). This will be a five-day intensive online course running February 14th-18th 2022 at 7:30-9:30pm Melbourne time, which is 8.30-10.30am UK time (if you fancy it!). It is open to all and very low-cost.

There’s loads of other stuff coming up, I’ll put up another post soon. I also post updates to my Facebook writer’s page when I remember!

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